It Represents Land Recycling and Good City Building

At its core, brownfield redevelopment is land recycling. Taking property at the end of its usable life for one purpose and rehabilitating it for a new one isn’t just good environmental stewardship – it’s good city building. Beyond the obvious benefits to human health and the environment, the projects EnviroFinance Group, LLC (EFG) undertakes help fill in the gaps of our urban fabric by creating opportunities for infill development where they didn’t exist before. In doing so, EFG’s projects help slow the pace of suburban sprawl and lay the foundation for new urban communities and job creation.

Beyond the sustainable outcomes inherent in brownfield development, EFG embraces sustainable remediation and redevelopment practices that further leverage the “green dividends” for communities we work in. By recycling demolition concrete from the former St. Anthony Hospital into new roads and infrastructure, EFG minimizes the amount of material transported to the local landfill and reduces the project’s overall carbon footprint – not to mention the number of trucks driving on and off the site through the surrounding community. At EFG, sustainable development practices aren’t just good for the environment, they’re good business.