More Environmentally Friendly Cities

Cities are always changing. Outdated factory buildings are reborn as urban lofts on one corner, while vacant residences re-open as restaurants on another. The perpetual evolution of cities is part and parcel of the urban experience and adaptability has always served the American economy well – but urban evolution is not always evenhanded and sometime one generation’s asset becomes another’s liability.

The former metals smelter in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood provided thousands of jobs for generations of Denver residents, literally helping to build a growing nation. But the environmental consequences of more than a century of refinery activity on the site left it blighted and unusable, the contamination left behind threatens the health and safety of the residents who once worked there. Working closely with local, state, and federal agencies, EnviroFinance Group, LLC and its affiliated companies (EFG) is implementing groundwater and soil remediation that is protective of human health and the environment and returns the property to productive use.

As a company, EFG is committed to partnering with municipalities, governments regulators and communities to help remediate contaminated properties and lay the foundation for safe and sustainable redevelopment in urban environments.

Whether EFG’s projects include remediating and repurposing outdated industrial sites in to modern business park (such as the Globeville Redevelopment) or elements of ecological enhancement (such as the Kane Wetlands Restoration), the company is committed to a safer and more sustainable future use of urban land.