EnviroFinance Group, LLC (“EFG”), is a premier land reuse and redevelopment company with a track record for successfully remediating and repositioning environmentally challenged properties for productive reuse. EFG’s history dates to 2001 when the Company’s predecessor began making secured loans to fund the acquisition, remediation and redevelopment of Brownfields in California. In 2006, the Company’s predecessor formed EFG to expand its lending business nationwide. The Company was repositioned from lender to developer in 2011 to benefit from new commercial real estate opportunities created by the 2007 – 2010 recession.

EFG’s business model is defined by the unique legal, regulatory, engineering, development and related complexities inherent in Brownfield redevelopment. By concentrating exclusively on Brownfields, EFG has created an organization and a culture which incorporates environmental considerations into every aspect of the redevelopment process. EFG’s in-house specialists in geology, geochemistry and environmental engineering are active team members in every aspect of each project from business development through construction and project exit. Integrating these disciplines into the overall project plan allows the Company to execute multiple processes simultaneously (e.g. clean-up, infrastructure installation, soils management and grading). This results in cost savings from the avoidance of duplicative work, as well as from timeline compression.

EFG’s knowledge and years of experience create a unique ability to manage and price environmental risk, resulting in superior risk-adjusted returns. EFG’s ability to obtain regulatory closure allows the Company to purchase properties at distressed prices, achieving cost and timeline efficiencies throughout the redevelopment process, and exiting at full market value.

Due to the Company’s relationships and track record of successfully achieving regulatory closure on its projects, EFG is often the preferred buyer of environmentally challenged properties.